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Return Policy

Refundable returns are not acceptable. In the unlikely event of receipt of the wrong product, you must notify 'MUMSHANDMADE' within 12 hours of receipt to initiate the process of returning the product to 'MUMSHANDMADE' and refunding it to you. We are real people, a team of mothers, we knit by our real hands and we are not machines. Please be aware of this before ordering and choose your unique knit very carefully.

If at any case, a customer refuses to receive a parcel or a parcel returns to Mumshandmade marked as "not reclaimed" by the transportation company, when this parcel arrives back to the headquarters facility, Mumshandmade will only refund a 30% of the total price of the product and shipping costs are not to be returned. All customers have the right to ask for new shipment of the item but new shipping charges will apply.

If at any case, a customer refuses to receive or refuses to pay taxes at customs, then it is possible that the parcel will be destroyed according to several countries regulations. When a parcel is destroyed at customs, Mumshandmade will not be able to refund any amount to the customer.

If at any case, any courier company claims a parcel as "lost" or any other problem appears at transportation, after a requested investigation from Mumshandmade, then Mumshandmade will ask for customer's understanding and will replace the item as soon as possible. No refunds will apply.

Our knits are all bespoke and therefore cannot and should not be returned. We expect a level of responsibility from our customers, we take our work seriously and so should they. In any case, the issue is decided on a case by case basis so no general exception to the above exists at the moment. We promise to take into account any requests and consider them in the outmost seriousness.

Product replacement policy
Replacement of products is possible only after contacting "MUMSHANDMADE" and within 24 hours of their receipt at any case.
The new product or new products you choose should have a total value equal to or greater than the total value of the products to be returned. The products to be returned must be in perfect condition without being worn. Customer must provide return shipping details to Mumshandmade within 24 hours of contact. Return and shipping costs are borne by the customer. Mumshandmade will charge 20% of the item cost to be able and pay the knitter for her job. Mumshandmade offers a made to order service so any item retunred will stay on the shelf.
If any customer wishes to replace an item for more than one time, Mumshandmade will charge 70% of the total price of the item to be returned. Customers outside Europe (Russia,UK,Australia,USA,Canada etc.) don't have the right of replacement due to extremely high charges on duties at Greek customs.
Not all of the above applies to swimwear. Swimsuits are considered to be underwear and for hygiene purposes no refunds or changes will apply. Because we don't have many kid size orders to prepare, kids size items can't be returned or replaced at any case.
All Mumshandmade garments are being made by human hands and this is a priceless craftmanship so we expect a level of responsibility from our customers, we take our work seriously and so should they. 
Any replacement will be processed as a new order that Mumshandmade team will create and therefore will take a new order of priority.

Order modification policy
Alteration of product attributes (color, size) after submitting an order is only possible for the same product, given the fact that this new attribute is available for this specific product. The user has to declare his wish via email within 30 minutes of submitting the order. If the 30-minute period expires, the alteration can only be made at a charge of €35 for each product that changes. Mums offer a made to order service. When you place an order, 3 Mums start knitting your item around Greece. So, €35 is a fair and reasonable fee to cover their shipping costs of sending the canceled item back to our facility and get yarns to make the new one. In any of these cases, the original order is canceled, a new order is created and therefore takes a new order of priority.

All prices quoted for the products available at include VAT. For international orders, please note that MUMSHANDMADE is not responsible for any customs or import charges and delivery time excludes custom clearance delays. Prices quoted for products might change anytime. At any case any product is on sale, no promotional codes are applicable and mumshandmade will not refund the discounted ammount at orders placed before the promotional sales.

Colors and Wool
Please note that all colours might differ a little bit from the website photos. This happens due to the professional lighting on our studio which is brighter than the natural lights. At any case, if a customer wishes to purchase a colour that is not already available for a specific item, a colour that doesnt already belongs to the existing collection, Mumshandmade can and will place a custom order. For every additional colour, customer will be asked to pay a fee of 30 euros. Furthermore, color hues might differ due to different prodution lines, which means that one item in one specific color might differ a little bit from another item at the same color. This happens because wool production and dying cannot be 100% accurate due to paint pigments and different wool mixes. Additionally, wool touch or thickness might also differ for exaclty the same reasons. For example, one item in one specific color might be softer, thinner or thicker because of paint pigments. Wool is a natural porduct and no human can ever be 100% specific for its color, touch or thickness. 

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