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Classic Black Coat

€180,00 €250,00



Go abstract and all-out this season with this entrance-making black padded coat which will make this season’s Mumshandmade collection impossible to forget. It’s a unisex, reinvented creation you’ve never seen from the brand, focusing on the details, making this piece unique.

Made from a luxurious mix of polyester and fine merino wool, this long, half knit padded coat is undoubtedly the perfect casual coat for this season. It is a complete coat piece with extra knitted layer on top.

Turn any outfit into something stylish, trendy and totally interesting with our coat-igan which will stand the test of time.
And timeless always = elegant.

•   Front logo wood buttons fastening and side cuts
•   Longer back, shorter front part
•   Outer Coat: Spandex 2%, Rayon 6%, Polyester 92%
•   Cardigan on top: Merino wool with Fine Acrylic
•   Oversized Fit

Please note that the knitted part of this unique item is being knitted by order (after you place your order). Our models height is 1,70 cm and she is wearing size 1 in case you want to imagine the fit at your body shape.


Size 1:  95cm Height / 60cm

Size 2:  95cm Height / 65cm Width


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One-of-a-Kind Creations for One-of-a-Kind People

At Mumshandmade, we see ourselves as much more than just a brand; we're a collective of passionate individuals who deeply value the essence of uniqueness in every piece we create. Our commitment to this principle is reflected in our "made to order" service. Unlike the rapid production of machine knitting, hand-knitting is a practice rich in tradition and personal attention, inherently taking more time but resulting in unparalleled quality and individuality.

Our team of skilled artisans takes pride in their work, requiring up to 14 business days to carefully handcraft each knitted or crocheted masterpiece. It's essential to understand that the journey of your bespoke item begins with its creation and is followed by the shipping process, which only commences after your piece has been lovingly completed and dispatched.

We deeply appreciate your patience and understanding as we put our hearts and skills into creating something extraordinary just for you.

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