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Mumshandmade Silk Flow Yarns

Written by: Christina



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Crafted with a blend of eco-conscious recycled acrylic and pure wool, this yarn feels smooth and luxurious as you knit.

Christina Pelteki

new yarn looks

All you knitters out there, your time has come! Here is our newest and most wanted addition to the knitting world: a revolutionary, special blend of eco-conscious recycled acrylic and luxurious pure Australian wool. Crafted with a silky touch, this unique yarn simply offers a magical knitting experience, making your stitches flow effortlessly and speeding up any of your knitting projects. So, it is now time to say goodbye to fatigue as you create with ease and comfort. 

and so the story goes...

Hello everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christina, and i am one of the owners and the main designer of Mumshandmade. Today i decided to write and publish this very special blog post because I am thrilled to make an important announcement!

We've just launched of our first and very special chunky yarn collection. I Just can't wait to tell you all about my dream that came true. But first, let me start by telling you a story which some of you may already be aware of, as many of you have been waiting for several colours to be restocked. Thank you so much for your patience on this.

So, let's start with a throwback in January 2022, when me and partner and husband faced the most challenging problem so far, when the main developer and person in charge of our old website got diagnosed with cancer and had to unfortunately leave our team.

At that point, we were forced to invest time and effort into creating a new online store for Mumshandmade. We're now proud to say that our new on-line store is now stronger and much easier to use. We're really more than thankful for your continuing support and patience that you, our customers have showed us during the challenging six months it took to make these changes and get back to business again. Yes, that was six months without sales. Along the way, we managed to support our whole team of employees and most importantly, our precious knitters who work with us since day one.
As many of you may already know, by April 2023, we had to stop selling all our viral Aegean blue knitwear, and by November 2023, we Sold out of all our Pink yarns. Despite high demand, we started running extremely low on most of our other yarn colors too, such as Camel and White for example.

We tried to talk to our trusted manufacturer in the EU to solve our supply issues several times, but unfortunately, they couldn't support us anymore due to their own business reasons. Now, almost all of our 12 basic line yarn colors are running out, which means we might have to stop making our popular chunky knits soon. So sad. If knitting stops at Mumshandmade, then there is no Mumshandmade anymore.

Many people are in love with our cozy sweaters, cardigans and other chunky knitwear, but without enough yarn, it's impossible to keep making them. We've had so many ideas for new designs, but the lack of yarn was holding us back from even making sample knits for our photoshoots.

Pink hooded Ariana Grande cardigan
image from mumshandmade

So here is why we thought about producing yarns exclusively for Mumshandmade.

So we've managed to create an innovative yarn blend using 60% Recycled Acrylic and 40% fine Australian wool. This special blend offers a durable yet soft yarn material for eco-conscious creators and knitting enthusiasts. This yarn feels soft and silky smooth as you knit. For us at Mumshandmade, knitting all our signature designs with this unique quality yarn, we gladly to provide our loyal customers with higher-quality, even more eco-friendly options they've been asking for.

pastel yellow

We love the Silk-Flow Wool in Pastel Yellow, a sunny and cheerful shade reminiscent of a sunny day. Perfect for bringing a pop of color to your projects, this gentle yarn hue adds a playful charm to your creations.

pink Ariana Grande shade

Crafted with a luxurious blend of eco-conscious recycled acrylic and pure Australian wool, this yarn offers a silky touch that makes your stitches flow effortlessly. Say goodbye to fatigue as you knit with ease and comfort, creating cozy pieces with a touch of celebrity-inspired charm. Baby Pink, a soft and gentle hue inspired by the iconic style of Ariana Grande.

camel chunky yarn

Here is the Silk-Flow yarn in Camel, a timeless and versatile shade that exudes sophistication. Feel the warmth and richness of Mum's Silk-Flow Wool in Camel as you work with ease and comfort, creating classic pieces that effortlessly transition through all seasons. 

lilac pastel wool

Pastel Lilac, a soft and dreamy shade like lavender fields in bloom. Create beautiful pieces with ease, appreciating the gentle beauty and peacefulness of this lovely hue. 

light blue chunky wool

Tehe Silk-Flow yarn in Aegean Blue, a serene hue that echoes the calming waves of the Aegean Sea. Crafted with a luxurious blend of eco-conscious recycled acrylic and pure wool, this yarn offers a silky touch that brings ease and comfort to your knitting projects. Glide your needles effortlessly as you create with the gentle flow of Mum's Silk-Flow Wool in Aegean Blue, evoking the tranquil beauty of Greece. Elevate your knitting experience with this sustainable and vibrant shade, adding a touch of Mediterranean charm to your creations.

creme chunky wool

The Silk-Flow Wool in Creme, a soft and cozy shade like warm vanilla is finally here. Crafted with a blend of eco-conscious recycled acrylic and pure wool, this yarn feels smooth and luxurious as you knit. Enjoy the comfort and ease of working with Mum's Silk-Flow Wool in Creme, creating beautiful pieces with a touch of warmth. Perfect for any season, this soft, creamy-sugar, off-white hue adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to your creations.

Choose from our curated selection of vibrant colors, each hand-dyed in-house after you place your order (by order). 

creamy yarn shades

Mix and Match white and pastel yellow and create a stripes cardigan. Such a dreamy summer project. We always look forward to receiving photos of your handmade projects. Please feel free to share.

chunky wool yarns
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