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The days regarding the shipping method you have selected should not be confused with the duration of the products's knitting or crocheting. All knits are custom made to order and require up to 13 business days for knitting. When your order is ready to be shipped, it will be delivered in the duration indicated on the shipping method.

Since the shipping cost depends on country, product and shipping method, you should see the exact amount of the shipping cost, when you have selected your country and shipping method before the process of the checkout. Mum's is not responsible for additional charges due to taxes, duties or freight charges for international orders.

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We used to accept this payment method in the past years and it wasn’t fair for our knitters and team. Our knitters used to make handmade pieces for orders that people wouldn’t accept receiving afterwards. So we ended up knitting pieces which we and our knitters were never getting paid for it. Not fair

Each custom shopping bag includes items matched together by our stylists and no changes of colours, sizes or designs can be done. Items purchased through custom shopping bags, cannot be refunded, returned or changed. These are specific orders and no modifications are accepted. 

Making everything with environmental responsibility in mind, we use low-impact yarns, always guided by the spirit of making more from less. All products described as made of MixWool, are sustainable and feel good for your skin and the planet. MixWool is a yarn type composed of natural recycled wool, recycled acrylic and vegan dyes. Recycled acrylic, obtained from recycled plastic, consumes fewer CO2 to manufacture. Please contact [email protected] if you need further details.

Please contact [email protected] 

If you think that our onesize knit will be small or big for you, then we can definitely make a custom size for you after requesting it by email. Custom orders are being charged extra depending on sizing. Please contact [email protected] and ask to get details about custom size. 

Please check our Terms of use.

We don’t usually apply changes to our existing designs but please feel free to contact [email protected]

All knits are custom made to order and require up to but not more than 13 business days for knitting. Some items need less time to be knitted, some other items need more time. 

Please check our Terms of use.

It is possible to be notified by email or/and sms when the product you are interested in will be available again. Visit the page of the item you are interested in (if you are not logged in, it requires to log in) and there you will find the relevant button, which you have to click.

If you wish to buy a knit that is not our design, you should contact via [email protected] and ask advice for custom orders. Please note that we don’t apply changes to our designs.

If you wish to buy a knit that is not yet available at our official online boutique, you should contact via [email protected] and we will be more than happy to help.

Mumshandmade is a fashion designer knitwear brand and we design our own collections. We do like copying so we won’t be able to knit other designer’s styles. At any case, please contact [email protected] to get more details about this.

Mumshandmade is working with many fashion bloggers and sometimes customers send us good pictures that we use on our social media posts and stories. Their photos usually have filters applied and that is why colours look different. You can see the real colours only at our official website.

Mumshandmade works with one in-house photographer,Andy since 2013. Andy is photoshooting all website items under professional studio lighting. When you receive your knit, it may look a little different simply because your house lighting is not the same with our studio lights. This is a usual online shopping matter.

Wool has a natural tendency to pill. This is not a defect, but rather a natural result of friction. Please cut off the pills very carefully and slow. Visit our youtube channel to see exactly how we do it.

None of our swimsuits are in stock. We crochet them by order which means after you place your order.
It usually takes us 2 to 10 working days to crochet a swimsuit.

You can mix and match any of our tops and tops as you wish or just purchase any top or bottom separately. 

We are able to custom make a swimwear. Please contact [email protected]

We do not make any of our swimwear with linen inside because
there is no such need. Nonetheless, you could ask a professional
seamstress to put linen inside your Mum's swimsuit if you like.
There is no such need though, not even for transparency
reasons. They are all thick crochet made.

Nope. Our swimwear are not transparent at all. They are all thick
crochet made.

There are some onesize designs
and some others that come in Small and Medium. Check out our size guide

You can only find and purchase our full swimwear collection
online on our online shop. You may also find some of our designs
in selected or pop-up stores. Please contact us.

In case you receive a wrong size, color or design swimsuit, return
handling and return shipping costs are our responsibility.
Swimsuit size is written on the label card, that you will find hanging on the product. Contact us within 14 hours. The return must
be made within 3 days including weekend time (not bussiness days). Item must be unwashed,
unused, unworn at its original perfect condition.

You can safely hand-wash your mumshandmade swimsuit with
lots of love and care, or machine washes on 30 degrees Celsius,
using a laundry bag. Do not bleach, do not hang, dry flat on a

Check out our size guide

Swimsuits are considered underwear so for hygiene reasons, NO
REFUNDS or CHANGES are acceptable.

Our cotton made crochet swimsuits are not suggested to be worn
for swimming in pools. Chlorine will damage them. You can
always pair the top of the bikini, though, with your favorite shorts
for a pool party.