12 PomPoms Set

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It's finally this time of the year and you are so excited to decorate for the holiday season but you seek for a new special idea! Liven up your Christmas decorations with this colorful pompom set. The set contains 12 coloured pompoms.
Let their colours bring charm to your holiday display indoors, or that super cozy touch to your Christmas tree. These fluffy ornaments give you plenty of possibilities when decorating with them giving you the opportunity to create that holiday display everyone will enjoy.

Browse our collection of colours and note the names of those you wish to put on our set of 12 pieces. Leave a note on your order to tell us which colours  and how many pieces of each colour you picked.

These pompoms are 100% handmade in Greece. Please note that they are being made by order (after you place your order) and they are one-size garments.

Valuable Set Includes 12 pieces of multi colours.
Composition: Mix-wool
Touch: soft, not itchy.
Size: Approximately 13 cm.

Machine (use a laundry bag) and hand washable
Dry flat on a big towel away from the sun
Do not hang Do not squeeze
Do not bleach