5 Ways to Style Your Turtle Rolled Neck Sweater


Turtleneck sweaters have a rich history dating all the way back to the 19th century. While they were previously worn by men who led active lifestyles, women started wearing them after actress Jayne Mansfield notably donned the iconic silhouette in the 50s. Since then, these tops have stood the test of time and have become a staple during the fall and winter months.
Aside from its classic style, it also comes in other forms like the rolled turtleneck. This is characterized by its layered neckline in comparison to the single ply of the classic style. Today’s rolled turtlenecks are often knitted and bulky in line with the trend of oversized clothing. Because of this, many people find them hard to wear and style. If you are struggling to accessorize your rolled turtlenecks, here are just a few things you can do.

White-Beige Wrapping, Over-shirt and Rain Boots
When wearing an outfit full of neutral colors, the best way to accessorize is by bringing an emphasis to your look’s shape and texture. Wearing a white-beige wrapping over a shirt and rain boots is one of the classic ways to wear a rolled turtleneck, but adding a knitted cap can be a great way to bring the ensemble together. This adds a sense of coziness and softness to a very chic look, even giving an aura of friendliness. It is also a practical yet stylish way to keep your hair in place and fend off chilly air during colder months. Try to have your knitted cap within the same color family as the rest of your look so everything remains cohesive.

Lilac vibes and Crop wide denim, LOVE the knife Balenciagas
If you want to try something a bit more daring and out there, you can choose to layer your rolled turtleneck with a scarf. This lilac ensemble with wide denim jeans and a pair of Balenciaga knife pumps make for the perfect look to pair a color-blocked, chunky scarf with. Since lilac is within the family of blue colors, having different shades in one outfit can make for an eye-catching look. When worn with a chunky knitted scarf, you will be able to look chic yet playful at the same time.

Classic Grey hue, Flared Jeans and Knife Ballerinas
For those who want to go for a darker motif when it comes to their rolled turtleneck sweaters, wearing a grey-hued one with flared jeans and knife ballerina flats can make for a muted yet interesting look. You can opt to pair it with a pair of big sunglasses to remain looking fierce and timeless. The frame you choose can also highlight some of your best facial features, as bigger ones can draw more eyes to your lips. This ensemble is great for busy fashionistas that want an outfit that can seamlessly transition from day to night.

Relaxed white top with straight cut slacks
When wearing a rolled turtleneck, you would want it to be the focal point of your outfit. Having an oversized bag might take attention away from your sweater, so opting for a mini bag will keep your ensemble simple yet stylish. Thankfully, baguettes popularized during the early 2000s are making a comeback. These bags can dress up a plain outfit, since their structure is eye-catching and practical. They can be toted around by holding its short strap or by keeping them under your armpit— much like how movies portray baguettes being carried around. These cute purses can also add a playful pop of color when you are going for a chic, white-and-neutral ensemble.

Playfully Pink over a Long Oversized Shirt
Since rolled turtlenecks are quite bulky, many might find it difficult to pair them with pants — so they are often worn on their own or with miniskirts. If you choose to do any of the latter two, putting on some knee-high boots will create a highly-sophisticated look. Wearing a pair in nude shades will help accentuate your legs and make you look even taller. You can also try to match the color to the bag you're toting around for more cohesiveness. Like the earrings, when paired with a sweet pink aesthetic, knee-high boots can add an aura of sexiness and sophistication to your outfit.

Specially written for MUMSHANDMADE.com
By: Reese Jones