Breast Cancer Awareness

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AELIA is a civil non-profit organization created in Thessaloniki in the fall of 2013, at a difficult time for Greece, by people with sensitivities and a developed sense of social responsibility, who believe in the urgent need for solidarity and support of their fellow human beings.

The purpose of AELIA is to contribute to the campaign against breast cancer and to help patients in life after the disease.

Breast cancer with its epidemic trends in recent years affects the lives, not only of women and men who are sick, but of their families and their wider environment. The global campaign to eradicate the disease, medical research and patient support has achieved much. Awareness raising of the society has been achieved to a great extent, but the need for valid and continuous information remains. Greece must and can take part in this battle. So we envisioned a time when breast cancer patients would not be lost, when we would all have equal opportunities in the most modern treatments, where fewer mistakes would be made, a time without shame and pity about breast cancer.

AELIA means source of life from light, since immortal was the ancient Greek word for the Sun. For us, however, it expresses something more, our goals and hopes.

Love, Hope, Solutions for Laying and Restoration!

If you like to support Aelia even more, please visit to learn how. Webiste is in Greek but you can always translate with google.