The weather turned a bit cooler these days and it made me so happy. Colder weather always makes me long for the holiday season. The merriest and jolliest day of the year is around the corner! It’s officially that time of the year. Yes, folks, it’s Christmas! We all love Christmas (at least most of us, personally, I bloody LOVE them) and I am literally counting the days till it’s here.

The holiday season is for giving love and to show that you care to your closest and what better to show it with gifts, small or big ones (after all, it’s the thought that counts, not the money). If you haven’t decided yet what to buy for your loved ones, there is still time to decide and I have just the right heartmade, Christmas gift ideas. Giving handmade and lovemade Christmas gifts is a more genuine and wonderful way to show love and affection.

Do you still need some gift ideas for the ones you are closest? Stay here; whether you need something for your family, guys, kids, girlfriends or coworkers, I have some great picks for every budget.

* Headbands and Beanies

The most wonderful time of the year can be etched with slight hysteria as you try and think of wonderful Christmas gifts for the exceptional women in your life. From your mum, to your daughter, your wife and sister, and everybody in between, I have an awesome selection for her that will bring happy tears on holidays! Mumshandmade garments will make her Christmas extra special, just trust me!

Mumsheartmade cozy knitted headbands and fluffy beanies are made of wool and fine acrylic, which makes them super soft and stretchable and fit for most women and guys. Mumshandmade pieces are super comfortable and versatile to wear, can keep you warm and also can put them down to protect your ears from cold. They are suitable for outdoor activities but fashionable and elegant at the same time while there is a rainbow of colours to choose from, enough to satisfy all your demands.

If you have babies or children on your gift-giving list maybe handmade knitted items are the most suitable presents. Handcrafted gifts are healthier for your precious little munchkins. Please feel free to contact with the Mumshandmade family via email and order your little ones headbands and beanies by just giving them the measurements of your baby’s or child’s head. So simple and magical!

Any girl, will adore these cozy, fluffy headbands and beanies that'll keep them warm but first, stylish.

I also have a surprise for you! With the code SAVINA you can have 10% discount on all headbands and beanies until 5th of January 2020. Don’t miss it!

Tip: Pick up a little something nice for yourself too and turn yourself into a breezy goddess. Ho-ho-ho!

* Scarfs

Opting for a gift for the guy who has everything sounds pressuring- opting for a gift for the guy who has everything including great style? It can feel practically impossible and sounds crazy. But worry not! I’ve got this. You can pick the Mumshandmade Straight Ribbed Scarf, choose the size length that fits perfect to your beloved one’s height and make him the warmest gift.

PS: I made a magic cart for you to shop a matchy-matchy black scarf and beanie at a preferential, affordable price, so he can pair it with everything in his closet! The straight ribbed pattern I chose is perfect for men or women and has a lovely texture no matter what colour you choose! Win win!

if you want to gift a blanket-style scarf to your bestie or mum, we own another design that is large enough to drape around your body and so cozy. The hooded fringes scarf is just great for layering under coats when it's cold because it goes with everything and can elevate all style games.

* The Pom-pom Journey

Pom-poms are fluffy wool balls which have so many different uses, just use your imagination. It’s a more affordable handmade gift yet a cheerful choice for a friend, a friend’s kid, coworker, neighbour and you can also pick one for the office gift exchange!

I am gonna share some ideas of how to use the Mumshandmade pom-poms.

A) You can add it as an ornament charm to your otherwise moody bag and make it look more stylish and wintery.


B) You can add it to the top of your Mumshandmade beanie. For example, customise a simple Mumshandmade knit hat with a large pom-pom topper and boom you have a brand-new beanie. If you pick a Mumshandmade pompom beanie design, you have the option to change the pom-pom on top as they are all adjustable. Click here to watch a “HOW-TO” YouTube video.

C) Choose the 12 pom-pom set (at a preferential price) to adorn your Christmas tree or create a colourful fluffy wreath like a Christmas candy cane; the perfect way to dress up your home for holidays (can you imagine how sweet is this?). Or, you can gift a candy cane coloured fluffy pom-pom to every woman in your family, so each household could have something from you and the same ornament on their tree!


D) Speaking of unique gifts, dare to use these pompoms to decorate your gift wrapping. For the holidays, I really think it is such a fun way to make simple wrapping paper look more festive and more cheerful.

E) I would definitely choose pink, purple and aegean blue pompoms for my friend’s kiddos, as I believe they also make great zipper pulls for school bags!

Wherever you use them, these cute balls add fun pop of colour and texture. If you ask me, there’s nothing more cheerful than a yarn pom-pom. They add the perfect finishing touch to anything you decorate. So really.. pick a pom pom for every occasion!! Take a peak. Hope you like them!

Top-tip: Browse their collection of colours and leave a note on your order to tell which ones you decide and how many pieces of each! Let your creativity begin!

* Oversized Coat Trending

The most important woman in your life, yeap that’s Mom, deserves to be spoiled with something far more deep, thoughtful and meaningful than yet another home deco or a vanilla scented candle. Before settling on a standard Christmas gift like coffee mugs, fuzzy socks and perfumes, I have the perfect handmade gift idea! And that’s of course the chic, elegant and warm Mumshandmade Cable Knitted Coat-cardigan.

Since no one appreciates sentiment and love quite like Mom, all of these gift ideas are packed with heart. Even if you are shopping for the mother or woman who has everything or at least, claims she doesn’t want her to buy her anything, you are bound to find something that’ll bring the laughs, smiles and make her cry with festive joy.

One more surprise is waiting for you. I prepared another magic cart in which you will find to shop the Cable Knitted Coat in the newest shade of gold-beige with a matchy colour beanie at a preferential price till 5 January 2020. I am so in love plus addicted to this shade and don’t forget it is also the latest trend for winter and the upcoming seasons. Go take a quick look at my previous post!

* Sweater Weather

Christmas shopping for the women in your life can be tough, especially when their personalities and aesthetics vary. My best top tip?  Opt for high-quality, timeless gifts that are useful but above all classic, such as a Mums hand-knitted sweater. It’ll be much more appreciated than something bold and flashy yet ultimately impractical. It’s a gift that everyone won’t be able to wait to snuggle up with when the temperature get cooler!

Let’s face it, anyone on your gift list would really love a new cozy and fluffy sweater for the winter chilly days, right?

* Denim Statement Coat

The lucky lady in your life deserves the best on Christmas and beyond- there’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. No matter if you’re shopping for your girlfriend or wife, the ultimate gift is the denim jacket. It’s a dream come true in a jacket. It’s an oversized and lightweight denim layer piece with the Mumshandmade hand-knitted signature sleeves. It can be the absolute fall and winter woman’s chum. Treat her to this sumptuously soft sleeves and she will love you forever!


You can choose between 3 different sleeve colours; black, grey or mocha!

* The antidote to the luxury bag

Fisherman’s or net bag trend was a little bizarre at first but now accounts for a favourite accessory. You can carry this bag all the seasons and go for a full transparent look or use the drawstring pouch that mumshandmade offers with, so you can carry even your smallest treasures inside without risking them slipping out. It is versatile enough to take you from the beach to the workplace. If you know any women who love oversized bags or who visit the farmer’s market quite often, this is the perfect knitted gift.

It’s a gorgeous bag and it makes the perfect gift for anyone who loves fashion…or shopping.

If I have you convinced on this bag- trend – look no further- you can buy it off mumshandmade for less than 40 euros, a quite affordable quality gift, right?!

So, I have all of you covered and you can find a special and unique gift for everyone on your list this holiday season, no matter your budget!

And don’t forget.. life’s greatest gifts are made with care and come wrapped in love, MUMSHANDMADE love.

Merry Everything and Happy Holidays my loves
By savina_dos