Cold Weather, Hot Colors

Based on what designers served to us at New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks, we are seeing a significant change for Fall/Winter 2019-2020, in terms of color schemes· maybe this is the fashion industry’s  latest way to lighten up our moods as the weather is getting colder. In general, as soon as we get in an autumnal state of mind, we “arm in arm” switch gears to wintry, moodier hues like grey, black and dark blue. However, this year we [fortunately] notice a push for unexpected, more vivid colors, such as fuchsia and lilac. You are going to see these keep-spirit-high-and-mood-lifted colors on everything· from coats, oversized cardigans, and cozy knitwear to pants and shoes. If you are still skeptical enough though to wear such vibrant shades in such big areas you can always play with your accessories. Add to your otherwise moody ensembles a pop of color like an imperial purple MUMSHANDMADE  long knit scarf or a loud chilli pepper red knit beanie.

I’ve identified a few colors by myself that I think will be all over the high streets. This season’s color trends are all over the map with so much variety that I think every type of person will find something to love. These are the ones you’ll be double-tapping, adding to your cart and basically wearing throughout the season.



Sage green, dried sage, pistachio, you can name it whatever you want! There’s a new color trend in town and it’s muted, easier-to-style cousin of bright green. Neon, slime green was trending a few months before and possibly this season too but I find too loud, in-your face color for this cold season. A softer shade of verdant like sage green is replacing it as it is a lot more wearable, reviving and has a calming effect [the herb sage has been used to lower stress and improve relaxation, it helps you to chill]. This serene shade of green, which is easy on the eye, popped up on many fall 2019 runways and if you want to go after the trend try a head-to-toe pistachio look. The color has been gently infiltrating our Instagram feeds and the street style scene. It is refreshing, especially for fall-winter. There is a prediction that soon enough this soft green hue, which is a reminiscent of dried sage leaves, will take over.

This season we saw a few iterations on the impressive red color, akin deep merlot, softer cranberry, exotic summer fig and ultra brights, like chilli pepper red. Although it’s not my cup of tea as a color, red will definitely add to your image that spicy note and will make it look spectacular and interesting. A darker shade though, like biking red or deep merlot, will fit perfectly into your daily wardrobe if you want something not as loud as the chili pepper red and will add depth and richness to your look without clashing with the cold weather. But, as the Pantone Institute said a spicy, passionate red adds drama and excitement as it stimulates the senses. I would love it combined with white, lilac or violet and chocolate brown.  If you are a “red” person this is your year, go for it! You can find beautiful rich red knit pieces at MUMSHANDMADE, there are several options for all budgets!

Fuchsia is the punchiest color to come out of fashion weeks. It is the kind of color you can expect out of a toothsome, luscious beetroot soup. This hot pink shade is usually “booked” for warmer months, but we are shifting it this year and presenting it into a wider range of styles. The golden rule as we step into colder months is the bolder, the better. On its own it is a little eye-catching, but in combination with some of the more subdued colors (we saw this season, such as beige) it is great fit. Fuchsia is a totally female color [sorry guys] because it’s startling and imposing and deserving of a lot more credence than its getting. If you want to stick out this fall look no further than this striking hot pink hue. Plus, it goes perfectly with neutral colors, fall palette, classics like black and white, and last but not least, with animal prints from snakeskin and zebra to cow print.

Purple (aka, my forever beloved color, I got it from my grandma) is staging a major comeback in all shades this season, whether it is as soft as lilac and lavender or as vibrant as violet. Purple has long been a striking shade among the fashion set and is definitely taking the world by storm. I find it so fresh and feminine and it complements all skin tones in a beautiful way. Ton sur ton is an interesting way to wear purple head to toe. I really love mixing different hues of it in one look because it gives a lot of dimension. Bring a little bit of color into your fall wardrobe with a MUMSHANDMADE imperial purple oversized knit cardigan that will shield you from cold and look extra cool when layered with a lilac turtleneck and white accessories.

There are certain dazzling shades of blue that are so unutterably startling they’re worth wearing all year round; such is the case with bluestone. A serious shade [albeit more soaked than the average neutral] between navy blue and cornflower blue; it toes the line between bright and subtle, more specific, between plain blue-grey solid. It’s a quiet, muted color like grey-tinged skies on a cold winter day. Thankfully it figured heavily in the autumn/winter 2019-2020 color trends. Find your bluestone cardigan, sweater, scarf or beanie at MUMSHANDMADE, a lighter option of dark blue. Tip to stand out? Suit it up with honey beige and off-white creamy colors and your denim for a coveted autumn look. So be sure to try this color trend.

Toffee brown is the “it” color of the season that you need in your wardrobe! Brown is back in a big way [it was a treat to see it in 2019 runway fall color trends] and I am totally on board with it. I have to admit though that I wasn’t a big fan of it in years but now I absolutely love it, not only in this reddish brown shade. Toffee brown is warm and sweet and it can perfectly look good on everyone. You can wear it solo or combined with warmer reds and yellows to great effect. It’s not just toffee brown either; all shades of brown are hot! If you want to invest in a heavenly toffee brown piece this is the MUMSHANDMADE cable knitted coat. Drooling over a toffee brown oversized knit cardigan, a lilac lightweight turtleneck  and white accessories combination!

This new breed of yellow is a soft, creamy, luminous shade of yellow. This pale tone is so delicate, flattering and perfect to lighten up our dress collection and moods. It is on the verge of being a cream tone which makes it neutral enough to work with any color palette and easy to layer. I love it because it is so airy, jolly and would pair beautifully with some of the autumnal warm tones of the season. You can also wear it head-to-toe for a high-impact yet chic look or peppering it into your outfits to spice up any neutral outfit. And.. don’t forget butter yellow is the kind of sunbeam that will not harm your skin.

 My top tip? Combine it with white accessories and gold jewellery and if in doubt, go paler, it is much easier to incorporate into your wardrobe!

Do you want to make your outfit look expensive this season? Wear beige! Yes, you heard right! Shades of beige were omnipresent in the warmer months and will go over into fall. Tonal dressing using creamy colors like oatmeal, ecru, biscuit, tan, blush and off-white reigned over the fashion scene and is a trend that translates beautifully into real everyday life. These hues make you look elegant and sophisticated and isn’t difficult to execute. Wearing head-to-toe neutral shades is an easy way to achieve a minimal and refined aesthetic. If you aren’t yet convinced by beige trend, invest in a MUMSHANDMADE knit cardigan or a knit sweater to keep you warm, but stylish and you will wear it year after year!

P.S The key is to opt for oversized silhouettes, blend several shades or test different textures.
Save your all-black ensembles for next year because there are so many color options at your disposal to choose!

Enjoy it!  @savina_dos