Six Autumn Workwear Staples to Invest in Now

Autumn is finally here (YES, I am one of those that every summer anticipates the time that the temperature teeters on chilly [but not freezing] to ditch my denim shorts and sandals for my chunky cardigans, cozy sweaters and ankle boots) and that means it is time to prepare our wardrobe for the upcoming seasons. It is quite easy to nail down our daily outfits, but when it comes to dressing for work, it can be a little trickier because we need to add office dress codes to the mix.
However, I am all about building a wardrobe of autumn essentials that are timelessly chic and can be mixed and matched with multiple other pieces. This really allows us to get creative and extend the usage out of all our clothing and we will be forever in style.

To get yourself in gear for autumn, here is a short list of my top autumn workwear basics you need to update your wardrobe with

Fall is all about layering and one of the best layering pieces is, indisputably, the chunky cardigan (aka, MUMSHANDMADE knit cardigan). I tend to prefer knits that are longer in length and more oversized because it accentuates that super cozy and snug vibe (If you have ever tried a MUMSHANDMADE knit cardigan you know what I mean). You can pop one over your work outfit; I love it over a blazer or a suit, if the temperature drops several degrees. However, cropped styles are going to be all the rage this year (you have [probably] already seen Kate Holmes wearing one over a matching knit bra).

Undoubtedly, knit sweaters are a must have during this time of year. It’s almost impossible to think about getting through the cooler months without a trusty heavier-weight knit (aka, MUMSHANDMADE knits). Having a collection of chunky knits in neutral colors (black, ecru, grey) is an absolute must for my fall work wardrobe. You can literally toss a chunkier style in a V classic cut (like the newest MUMSHANDMADE knit sweater)  on with jeans, trousers, a skirt, over a dress and have a tout de suite forward outfit that’s equal parts function (but above all warm) and fashionable. They can easily be paired with everything which makes them perfect autumn basics that can be manipulated into a multitude of different looks.

Is it a true fall fashion list without the incorporation of a blazer? The question is of course rhetorical and the answer is simple, No! The perfect blazer is one of those no-fail staples thanks to its incredible versatility. A slouchier shape can act as a lightweight overcoat with a casual ensemble featuring jeans and a sweater, can be belted with a midi dress for the office, and so on. The options are countless. Although I tend to have many styles of blazers on constant rotation, a plaid or a houndstooth wool- blend option is certainly a fall staple. It makes layering so effortless and fashionable. When shopping for a staple blazer, look for details such as gold hardware or double breasted buttons. These little things elevate the piece and make it more unique if I don’t want to wear a coat.
P.S I prefer my autumn/winter blazers one or two size bigger so a chunkier knit sweater can fit inside.

There are a slew of trending shoe styles right now but one of my favorites to pair with workwear outfits are black ankle boots. Yes, black ankle boots may seem like a no-brainer here, but I wanted to take a moment to reiterate the importance of introducing your closet to the ideal pair. While there is a plethora of different styles out there, the timeless picks have a streamlined feel with either a pointed, rounded, or (oh-so-now) slightly square toe. Black ankle boots would certainly rank high as one of the top fall/winter wardrobe essentials thanks to their versatile nature. But, if you are a “bolder” girl and want to make a statement even at work you don’t have to stay only to the black version, you can opt for leopard pattern or snakeskin; they’re great for adding a pop of color to your look. Croc effect also makes trying out the trend easy since you can forgo print for texture.

Pencil skirts and workwear tend to go hand-in-hand. However, this season I find myself gravitating more towards midi-length skirts, all the kinds from satin slip skirts to vinyl, leather and pleated. The longer construction makes it doable for colder temperatures with the right shoes, namely boots. I think this longer hemline really gives it a more classic vibe and the proportions also manage to make shorter girls look taller! I also love the versatility of those skirts that you can pair them with taller boots, western boots, sandals with socks and even sneakers, I prefer white ones! Plus, it works wonders for a work wardrobe teamed with other polished separates like blazers and turtlenecks. So, ensure you have a signature midi style in your arsenal to get through the season.

Last but not least in my autumn workwear list is the floral dress. You “heard” right! I count floral dresses as a fall staple because every season they are present, no matter what. Florals were a huge trend over summer and they aren’t going anywhere for autumn- winter, they're set to be bigger, bolder and richer. Think a touch of Gothic or a dash of Renaissance with blossoms in tinta reds, deep jewel-tone greens and vibrant purples. The hero piece for this season is the new dark floral maxi, midi or midaxi; you can easily dress it up or down. That's right; your dark floral frock really can work for any occasion and of course for work too. You can layer it with a roll-neck underneath and throw a chunky knit cardigan or a blazer over the top if you feel the cold bites. At the bottom suit it up with your white trainers, before switching to ankle, western or tall boots when cold arrives.

Is your wardrobe craving a fall update?

So, invest in these pieces (if you haven’t already owned some of them) to keep you warm and stylish year after year and you can thank me later.
That’s all, folks! Hope you enjoy my list!

By @savina_dos