NEW FALL-NEW ME Essentials AW 2019

As all of you have already noticed by now, September has finally knocked on our doors {Hallelujah} ! Sweater weather is on, luring hot coffee smell is everywhere and our romantic mood is slowly getting beyond Allie in “The Notebook” level. So, that’s the perfect time of the year to introduce myself as the complete and total autumn junkie AKA the happiest person saying : “Goodbye Summertime Sadness” and “Hello Autumn Awesomeness” !

Now, all those of you that can relate with my obsession and excitement for Fall ’19, Come and join the Fall lovers Club/ No matter your style or zodiac sign. Whether you’re a girl boss running your business or a busy hardworking mom. I bet we ALL want to get activated on Back to life/ Back to reality mode (and do it remarkably like a proper lady!)
So... stay tuned to discover my “ 5+1 Autumn essentials & tips” list, for a smooth transition from summer to fall, in basically every aspect of your everyday life (Less stress = Less money for meditation and yoga classes/ Hooray!)

What’s the very first thing that pops in my mind when I think of Fall/ Winter season? (besides gallons of hot coffee and apple pie..) KNITWEAR, KNITWEAR EVERYWHERE! From cardigans to jumpers and scarfs, there is no other clothing category so strongly connected to Fall. It’s exactly this season that the consumerism devil inside me (and inside all of us, admit it) wakes up, and for no particular reason I have the inner stupid urge to buy more and more new knitwear that I don’t need (because 99.9% of the times I already own something similar), and eventually will get lost in the chaotic rabbit hole that I also call my wardrobe. As I’ve grown up and gradually educated myself on environmental issues connected with the fashion industry, I managed making the shift: from consumerism to sustainability. The way I found the easiest to become more sustainable and eco-friendly (and that’s my advise for you too) is investing in really good quality handmade knitwear, that will never go out of fashion and will last for years and years (even for your kids to wear as eclectic vintage pieces in the future!)

So here are my top 3 picks from Mumshandmade that I personally swear by:
* The “Cable Coat” in the brand new dark grey color. Looks classy and chic AF, it’s the perfect layering piece and most importantly it’s going to keep you warm and cozy anytime-anywhere. (Tip: Keep the rest of the outfit simple and casual with your favorite denim mom-fit jeans/ white t-shirt/ sneakers combo).
* The new oversized “V-neck Sweater” with side cuts. A unique statement knit to upgrade your style and day to day outfits. It’s the perfect transition piece from summer to fall, as you can easily incorporate it and pair it with a bunch of your summer wardrobe essentials. These could include your favorite silky midi skirt, flowy patterned high waisted shorts or even a floral dress. And for the fierce femme fatales out there here we’re wearing it like a dress, layered above your button down shirt and some leather accessories to make it even bossier. 
* Last but not least, the “Ohh-so-Cosy” straight ribbed blanket type scarf. This one I’m picking in a fun colorway, in particular this pastel pink one (Give me pastels, take my soul). Choosing accessories and ‘smaller’ wardrobe staples in bright not so boring colors, is a nice way to spice up your outfit and make you feel happier and playful during autumn moody time.

Ok, maybe this one does not exactly apply to me, due to the fact that 99% of the footwear I own and wear all year round (even on the beach, yeap.) are BOOTS. There’s no doubt that boots are a fashion staple in every girl’s closet, that can be interpreted in every style and persona you can possibly think of. From cowboy boots on bloggers and fashionistas, to all time classic Dr. Martens on street style maniacs and 70’s knee high block heel boots on vintage freaks like me. There is a pair for everyone. 

Jewelry are the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble and can elevate even the most basic outfit and take it to a whole other level. If you ask me, the queen of maximalism, I feel completely ‘naked’ if I leave my house without wearing earrings and a necklace. But even for my minimalist friends out there, you can also be bold but simple. Trust me and complete your white t-shirt/ jeans/ blazer outfit with a pair of statement gold earrings or a gold chunky necklace. (Extra tip: Don’t forget to play around with other accessories like hats, belts, sunglasses and hair accessories). Glam is fun. 

If you ever worry that you’re wearing something too simple or boyish looking this fall the answer is one: RED LIPSTICK. Saves any outfit, makes you look effortless without even trying and most importantly it is comfortable, you don’t even think about it, you can wear it with any outfit and it’s like an instant chicness upgrade. 

If you’re like me and you can basically survive by only drinking gallons of coffee and tea, but you’re also trying to be more environmentally conscious, take away reusable coffee cups are a lifesaver every year during this season. We all know how tired we get working in the office or running around in the city to get everything done (Am I right?). So why wasting plastic and paper cups when there is a better (and more aesthetically pleasing and cute) solution?

The question is what’s the point of being stylish and looking chic this Fall if you’re not being productive? (Because that’s what these  “going back to work” and “New Fall/New me  is all about). So, if you’re a bit like me and you get excited like a 5 year old with new stationary items (notebooks, bookmarks, pens and pencils) this time of the year, invest some of your time in creating your personalized 2019-20 Bullet Journal, as well as personalized To-do lists. This one actually helped me a lot, tracking where I spend my time and made me feel more productive and organized throughout the more stressful periods of my life. But, if you’re a loyal smartphone user and you can never keep your hands off of it, there are plenty of productivity apps for you to freely download as well. Here I would recommend you two user-friendly ones, Todoist & RescueTime (but trial and error is the key/ choose what suits your daily life and persona the best).
So my beauties, those were my top of the top essentials & tips going into Fall/ Winter ’19. I want to thank you all so much for even taking some of your precious time, clicking on this article of me rambling around and around (and each of you that made it through the end contact me, you won a chocolate  ). Hope you found something helpful and interesting in this article, but most importantly I wish that I’ve partially accomplished my goal to put a smile on some of your faces through this ensemble of words.

May Autumn ’19 be the season of your life, Alice xoxo