Berlin Fashion Week

Hallo aus Berlin!
As many of you may have already noticed scrolling down your instagram feed, there are several super stylish fashionistas who in fact, are all German. It is a big fact that most German women have a chic taste of fashion and love trying on new trends. Mumshandmade is a brand of handmade knitwear made and based in Greece but our chunky pieces biggest fans are German.

So it was a matter of time that we would start collaborating with German bloggers and i must say we adore their aesthetics and captures of their street style looks - every time! I caught myself thinking that I would love to meet those gilts out on the streets. Doing their thing and why not take photos together?

I already met Gitta Banko on my Fashion Week trip in Milan back in September and we had a super long coffee-brunch break of 4 cups of cappuccino each, plus our favorite avocado toasts, talking and talking till we had to stop cause time was running out and she had a show to visit and I should go back to my hotel to shoot some outfits. Omg, i had so much fun and suddenly she texts me that she will be visiting Berlin for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. That’s it! I always love to travel for fashion, so i call Andy (my hubby and partner in crime - Mumshandmade photographer) and he is in!

We booked our flight, hotel and Gitta photo-shoot for one of our new knits. Days passed fast and we arrived in Berlin. Needless to say i love this city - just visit my personal Instagram account - i still post pictures of it. I’m in love! Anyways, we decided to visit Marina Hoermanseder show for Andy to take some streetstyle shots for his photography portfolio.

That day was so cold and we were out there strolling for more than 4 hours, on the streets. I never had imagined I would see and meet all the girls i have collaborated with and many more others that i admire and get inspired by.

I feel so blessed i had the time and chance to walk with Karin ConstantlyK, the queen of streetstyle.

Surprisingly out of a dream, i turn my head and see Jacqueline Mikutas walking towards the show entrance, so i took my chance to talk to her for a while cause i think she was already late for that show.

Among them i took a minute to say hello to Sonia Lyson, the most stylish Berliner who always pick my knits for her fashion week outfits.

I never interrupted the mega babe Nina Suess cause she was definitely super late for the show. Laura Notlemeyer Designdchugnel was also in a hurry and many more other important editors and journalists too.

The Gitta Banko day was a real blast, having our coffee and brownies at the Zoo Hotel Berlin just before going out on the streets to shoot our new Hooded scarf which she picked the brownie shade to wrap herself in. We had an avocado bowl and said good buy till we meet again.

Conclusion: 3 days in Berlin and i am in love with this city. Cant wait till i meet those girls again and maybe have some more time together. Enjoy the pics ladies!Thank you for taking the time to read.

PS: Andy is in love too cause he took photos of so many important people in this industry.