Cut & Clean

You are a proud owner of an authentic Mumshandmade cardigan and you love wearing it again and again?

it is natural that all knitted parts will get lints and you hate it.

We know!

You have been always asking us how to clean those lints off and make your chunky piece look like new again.

We suggest to wash your knit in laundry bag and dry flat on a table. Use a big towel underneath.

All knits get lots of lints after wearing them. We can guess you wear yours every day. Most of you literally live in it!

What you really need is:

1. A pair of scissors

2. Patience and love

3. Free time

Each cardigan might take 30 minutes depending on how long you left it without caring.

Be very carefull - don’t cut the yarn!

Fine quality knits need to be treated with love and patience. Thats what they are made of anyway!

Product: Warm Up Grey