The truth behind replicas and scammers

Dear people, let me tell you a story.
As you already may have seen, our Warm up cardigan, which you have loved so much, has been copied a lot. If you have an instagram account, you have already seen these knits all over you feed. I am now ready to tell you the worse part of this.

We recently received a parcel at our facility. We open the box and saw a low quality replica of our Warm up cardigan in the colour of dark blue. We sell our Royal shade which is dark but not that dark. So we received this item from a customer who is not our customer. I mean, this lady thought she had an authentic knit of our brand and she was so upset and disappointed that she decided to send it back to us by finding our address on google. Being in sock, we managed to contact her by email to see what's going on.

She explained that she received this item after purchasing it on some USA e-shop which we found out that was clearly using our photos for selling this copycat. She tried to contact them and find their address to send it back because she was in shock to receive a small sized, low quality cardigan with tiny bubbles on the sleeves. Nobody replied to her emails, she couldn’t find any address for the return, she couldn’t even prove her purchase as they never sent her any legal receipt for her purchase. This lady started looking for our address and she found it so she decided to return this item to the original brand company.

Meanwhile we became good e-friends after a long chatting by emails. Sonja fully understood that she was a victim of scammers and she kindly helped us out to be able to publish this blog post today. She told us the whole story, she let us keep this copycat to take photos of it and she finally said she didn’t want us to send it back to her again. We decided to offer a nice discount for her to shop the authentic knit and she thanked us too many times that we almost cried. We couldn’t find the words to thank her enough.

Here are some details.

Warm up authentic cardigan:

Soft, heavy, big chunky knit.

Able to keep you warm and feels like a jacket more than a cardigan.

It's fit is oversized and loose and the sleeve bubbles are huge. The bigger the better.

Made out of the finest yarns which we produce ourselves. You can’t find these yarns on the market.

Our knitting needles are not a size that you can find on the market also. We make our needles out of light weight material so that our knitters won’t damage their hands as they knit too much already. Mums size needles is our top secret.

Lifelasting knit.

This item is 100% made by hands in Greece. Choosing the authentic Mums handmade knits, you actually help our local knitters sustain themselves and families! 


Thin, small sized knit.

Feels like a light weight shirt. You won't stay warm wearing only this piece.

Its fit is not at all oversized and the sleeve bubbles are too small that you barely see them.

Made in China out of low quality acrylic yarn - 100% machine made. They put Italy and Paris labels on but our research shows that there is only one producer based in China. So they just put labels on when they import these items.

Choosing to purchase a copycat you save some money but sooner or later you will know that you just lost your money. This knit won't last and won't survive long.

Thank you for reading this and big thanks again to our dearest e-friend and proud Mums handmade owner Sonja. 

Video and photos speak for themselves.

No filters were used for editing the video and photos.