Back to blog!

Have you been wondering what’s wrong and why we haven’t uploaded any new posts for so long?

I guess you thought: maybe they don’t have anything to say, or they are just bored writing, or maybe they are too busy focusing on instagram and knitting like crazy so they don’t have time for this.

Well, we got so many things to say and share with you that I’m not sure which topic I’m about to choose first.

Too many new things happening, but growing our family is the most important and I guess its the basic reason of our limited time. Good thing is that you are actually the main reason of our growing, so i could say its a good thing we didn’t post for so long. Your love is unbeatable and we are all so grateful to have you by our sides.

So, growing our family is a super good thing but at our case, we have been struggling to work properly as we were based in a small room where we wouldn’t fit. I mean, ok we had our offices and a small lounge room and our packing area but we were 6 people (Andy, Chris, Lia, Niki, Mo and El) and it was ok.

Then your orders were coming in, one after another and we had to grow the family so we welcomed three new ladies in da house (Eri, Klea and Ann). We wouldn’t fit in the room. No way. Your knits wouldn’t fit either. We had to have them stored on our sofa and there was no lounge room anymore. When it was time to bring Rafael (packing and quality control guy) to the family, we finally decided to make some new space. So we started building and renovating. That took us too long (months) and that’s basically why we were not able to blog and interact with you so much.

Now you know, and I’m sure you will love our new offices as much as you love the Warmup cardigan and all of our handmade knits. And i already know that you are dying to know who we really are and what we do, I mean each one of us. Stay tuned and i will explain it all on my next post.

Enjoy this Before-After show.