Mumshandmade is a small family business born in Thessaloniki, Greece during the winter of 2013. The idea of starting Mumshandmade came out of the blue when watching our mothers knitting beanies and cardigans during winter time - hence the name.

Staying true to these roots, all our products are 100% handmade by the most kickass Greek moms, who love to knit. Choosing the authentic Mumshandmade knits, you actually help our local knitters who sustain themselves and families.

We offer a “made to order” service as most of our brand’s crafts are 100% made by hands. Hand-knitting is a slow process compared to machine knitting, so we usually need few days to complete one knitted or crocheted piece. We always do our best to minimize the wait as much as possible. However, completion dates are based on order volume and will likely fluctuate depending on the number of orders coming in.

We believe handmade crafts have a touch of magic in them as they are rooted in tradition, and no two are ever truly identical. Mumshandmade ensures reliable timeless pieces heart-made by high quality yarns, unique statement designs and the most fashionable colors.

Loving what we do and hard working helped us to expand Mumshandmade to a highly-coveted, valuable, fashion-blogger approved designer brand. Thanks to your love and support, Mumshandmade is now one of the most popular knitwear brands worldwide. We are proud and glad to keep you warm and stylish wherever you live or wish to travel.

Knitting with passion, care and respect for you and our planet, we ensure you can get the "jaws drop" winter street-styles, wearing your oversized, chunky knits and be a real-life mermaid on our dreamy crochet swimwear, during summertime.