Are there any shipping costs?

Free shipping is offered for orders shipped in Greece as far as there is an ACS courier office in that specific area. For international orders, since the shipping cost varies for each country, you should see the exact amount of the shipping cost, after you have filled in your country's information during the process of the checkout. Mum's handmade is not responsible for additional charges due to taxes, duties or freight charges for international orders.

Can I return and change a product?

In case you wish to change a product, you should return it within 10 business days. The product shall be at the perfect condition we sent it. Return costs will charged on you. Sending you the new product will charge you also.Contact us within 2 working days. All the above are not valid as far as our swimwear are concerned.

Is there any chance I can return a product and get my money back?

We are sorry, but there is no such chance.

Is there any chance I can cancel my order and get my money back?

In case you wish to cancel your order and get your money back, you should contact us via email within 30 minutes.

Which are the payment methods?

The available payment methods vary for each country / region. You can check the available payment options after selecting the country of delivery before proceeding to the checkout.

Where can I view my orders?

You can view your orders in ''My account > Order history''.

Why I have not received a confirmation email of my order?

In case you have not received a confirmation email after your order submission, please check your spam emails.

How long it takes to prepare a hand-knitted cardigan?

All knits are custom made to order and requires from 4 to 10 business days for shipment.

What does the ''Waiting'' that appears next to my order mean?

It means that your order has successfully been placed but your items haven't been sent yet.

What does the number next to my profile represent?

The number represents the orders that have been placed but are still in ''Waiting'' status.

Why is a product removed from my cart?

If the product is no longer available, it will automatically be removed from your cart. The reasons may vary, for example a product may be unavailable because it is out of stock. This usually happens when products remain in your cart for a long time period as you might not have immediately proceeded to the checkout.

Why do I get a message that a price of a product has been changed in my cart?

The current price of a product may vary from the price the product had at the time you added it in your cart, especially when products remain in your cart for a long time period as you might not have immediately proceeded to the checkout. This message will appear before you proceed to the checkout in order to inform you about the change in price.

Why is the quantity of a product in my cart reduced?

Some products come in a limited edition. If you add for example five limited-edition products in your cart, but there are only three items left, you will have three items in your card, instead of five.

Can I change my email address?

No, you are not allowed to change your email address.

Will ''out of stock'' products ever appear as ''back in-stock'' again?

''Out of stock'' products might soon be ''back in-stock''. If you want to be notified when a specific item is back home again, just login to the website and click the ''Notify me'' button on the item's page.

What will happen if I repeatedly enter an incorrect password while trying to login?

For your security, there is a limit in the amount of times you are allowed to enter an incorrect password while trying to login. This way, it's difficult for someone else to guess your password and login to your account. If the limit is exceeded, your password will be changed automatically and you will receive an email with your new password. After logging in with your new password, you can change your password in ''My account > Change password''.

What if I don't remember my password?

While you are in the login page you can ask for a new password by typing your email address in the corresponding field and then clicking on ''I forgot my password!'' and following its instructions. After logging in with your new password it is recommended for your safety to change your password by ''My account > Change password'' to something that you can easily remember and not use the auto-generated password as your permanent password.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password from ''My account > Change password''.

In case I choose to receive sms, do you charge me?

No, we don't charge you for this.

How can I switch the language in which I receive sms and emails?

The language in which you receive sms and emails, can be switched by ''My account''.

Is it possible to just purchase the top or the bottom of a swimsuit?

We crochet our swimwear by preorder. In case you wish to just purchase the top or bottom of one of our designs, please contact us.

How long does it take for you to crochet a swimsuit?

It usually takes us 2 to 5 working days to crochet a swimsuit.

Are swimwear designs in stock?

None of our swimsuits is in stock. We crochet them by preorder.

Do Mum's swimwear have linen inside?

We do not make any of our swimwear with linen inside because there is no such need. Nonetheless, you could ask a professional seamstress to put linen inside your Mum's swimsuit if you like. There is no such need though, not even for transparency reasons. They are all thick crochet made.

Can you crochet a swimsuit I like if I somehow send you a picture of it?

We are able to custom make a swimwear. Please contact us.

Are Mum's swimsuits transparent?

Nope. Our swimwear are not transparent at all. They are all thick crochet made.

What sizes do Mum's swimwear come out?

We crochet most of our swimwear by preorder on your exact proportions-measurements. There are also some onesize designs and some others S/M.

Where can I find your swimwear?

You can find and purchase our full swimwear collection online on our e-shop. You can find some of our designs in selected stores. Please contact us.

What if I receive a wrong size swimsuit?

The return must be made within 10 business days. If the need for the return comes from wrong measurement of your proportions, we are not able to accept any returns. If, on the other hand, it is us who made the mistake, the return is accepted. In this case, before any process, you will need to send us a picture of the wrong product worn by you in order for us to understand the origin of the problem and lead to your successful customer service. No second return of a product will be accepted or feasible. Please contact us.

How can I measure my proportions?

You can ask a professional seamstress to correctly measure your proportions in order to avoid mistakes that could lead you in a need of return or change.

How can I safely wash my Mum's swimsuit?

You can safely hand-wash your mumshandmade swimsuit with lots of love and care, or machine wash on 30 degrees Celsius, using a laundry bag. Important to mention that it is not safe for your swimsuit to put it in a swimming pool with chlorine.